Friday, 18 December 2015

ACDS first year teaching conference: science co-ordinators unite and cast aside your chains!

Hi Folks,

Most of you know the incomparable Liz Johnson and her work with the Australian Council of the Deans of ScienceTeaching and Learning group. Liz is leading a precipitation/coagulation/crosslinking of first year science and mathematics educators,  to articulate common issues and help guide the Deans in speaking with one voice regarding first year teaching and learning. In a nutshell, this is a wonderful chance to fix the pressing problems many of us would love to fix.

This flyer describes two workshops the ACDS  T&L mob are organising- please consider if you are able to come, If you would like to come, but have no funds, let me know. No promises, but we would like to gauge interest.

This is also  the inaugural message of the first year physics network we agreed to get going at the last AIP congress. I will be sharing the admin load with Chris Creagh, who will be providing much of the clear thinking (as you know, Chris is ace). Please forward this email to anyone who you think should get it- the more interested people involved, the better.

As usual, please email me directly with any issues. 



David Hoxley
First Year Co-ordinator
Department of Physics
La Trobe University