Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fostering Learning Improvements in Physics (FLIP)

Hi Folks,

the Fostering Learning Improvements in physics project needs our input. It is an excellent reflective exercise, and a good way to become involved in international  Physics Education Research. Please spread the word to your physics colleagues.

 Note it is an online survey which closes on 7 May. 

 Below is some more information from the authors, and a link to the survey.

I am contacting you regarding the Fostering Learning Improvements in Physics (FLIP) project, which is studying the prevalence and impact of physics education research (PER) within Australia and internationally.

FLIP is based at the University of Edinburgh and has been jointly commissioned by the Institute of Physics<> and the Economic and Social Research Council<> (UK).  Full details of the project are available at<>.

One goal of the FLIP project is to characterise the PER landscape internationally (i.e., what research is done, who funds it) and to seek evidence that PER can lead to improved teaching and learning of undergraduate physics.

To this end, we are conducting a survey of Australian PER researchers<>. Your participation in this survey is vital to our efforts to summarise PER activity in Australia and highlight its impact on the teaching and learning of physics. This will complement our findings on PER in Europe and the UK, and existing data from the US.

The survey is open for 2 weeks, and will close on Tuesday 7th May.

I look forward to hearing your views.