Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Do you teach first year physics? Discussion group mooted..

Chris Creagh has suggested that those of us who teach first year physics get together and compare notes- which is an awesome idea. The first names that come to mind:

Chris Creagh (Murdoch)
David Hoxley (La Trobe)
John Holdsworth (Newcastle)
Theo Hughes (Monash)
Roger Rasool (Melbourne)
Julius Orwa (Deakin)
John O'Byrne (USyd)

Helen Johnston Helen Johnston (USyd)

This list is not exhaustive, and reflects my hunches about who handles the large first semester physics classes at the respective institutions. Who have I missed? Once I have a list, I'll start emailing.

By the way, Chris is a very interesting and innovative educator- her talk at the ACSME discipline day was fantastic (I'll try and post it).

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